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Hotblood! A web comic about centaurs in the old American West. Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 9: A Lil' Bit O' Magic Goes A Long Way The ninth installment of the serailized gay centaur fiction, "Coptaur". Get MORE! Paid Members paths show up to 20 chapters!. And yes, he now has an entire selection of Sailor Moon t-shirts. I have enough to juggle between going through medical school and work to pay for my tiny apa. This is translated from the Japanese, but you still have to read the panels from right to left. Peter and Victoria have had their baby. Shes a little girl now. Be The Centaur! Pin your face on the centaur at Comedy Bang Bang's "Be The Centaur!" page. Stampede of The Centaurs (Ace Comics, Aug '53) Download a PDF of the pulp comic story at Internet Archive. Chiron In Carnate The literate blog of the scribing centaur, Kentauros. Lily Luna Potter, beloved daughter of none other than The Boy Who Lived himself, is excited but very frightened to go to Hogwarts for the very first time. When the Sorti. Now an adult (allegedly) he's one of the hosts of anime podcast Transformation Sequence where he applies psychoanalytics and epistemology to school girls stabbing monsters. Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 8: The Hiding And Spying Games Are Over. Hooray For WallyWood!: Prelude To Armageddon From Creepy Magazine (1971) comes one of the best centaur comic stories ever drawn. In all its naked splendor by the always great Wally Wood. Centaur World A Brazilian, Portuguese-language blog devoted to centaurs. Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. Divina Alinac is not some girl who walks on the streets, she's adventurous, a lady who's fond of stories told upon by her mother, a lady who looks up to Divine alinac he. Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 3: Rules of Engagement The third chapter of the serialized centaur fiction work, "Coptaur". Worth 1000 Where Photoshop is put to use. I hate this dude. Sai gotta go!! Little freak! Real excited for his chaos antics on the program! Going to laugh! On today's episode we get into Episode 34: "Formation! New Team Kakashi!" through Episode 36: "The Fake Smile". Please consider joining our Patreon! Our discord is already hopping and I know you want to. . Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 10: When Looks Are So Decieving. Marc DeBauch Art by one of the best gay artists in the business. Great erotic pieces featuring centaurs, satyrs, etc. available for purchase. a centaur fetus from Warped Space #13, Jane Clinkenbeard. * Well, this story is definitely going to be a one of a kind, I can be proud of that at least! *. Here's an amusing manga, "Gallop!", about a young centaur making his way in big city business. Centaurica Fiction: Coptaur: Chapter 5: Augie The Augmented The fifth installment of the serialized gay centaur fiction, "Coptaur". File type: Rich Text File (.rtf) [ Download ] ----------------------------------------- Could not generate preview text for this file type. You have reached the bottom. Click here to get back on top. When caspian and his younger brother Noah come a. This goes with my older Centaur sequence ( ). The story is also included in the description there, but this is for people who want it as a downloadable document. Starsky & Hutch, with Starsky as the centaur, 1989 as the cover of Frienz #6, and in 2000, for SHareCon, by Suzan Lovett. Gilad's Origami Page Centaur art of of folded paper. Please stand by, while we are checking your browser. Iceland: A hamrammr (from old Icelandic literature) is a werecreature that shifts into the form of the animal it has most recently eaten. Its strength increases with each animal that it consumes. The current (and more correct) word for werewolf is varulfur. China: 狼人 láng rén is the Chinese werewolf. 狐狸精 Huli Jing, a fox spirit which usually appears as a beautiful young woman; most are dangerous, but some are featured as the heroines of love stories. Please stand by, while we are checking your browser. Fastball Special: A variant, in the first episode, Horse bucks Rider off forwards to send her flying towards a group of enemies. This is an intentional combat maneuver they have trained, as is proven beyond all doubt. Philippines: The aswang is a vampire-werewolf who transforms from a human to a canine form at night, and eats human flesh. The aswang also manifests itself as a decaying corpse that has been severed at the waist (in other words it has nothing from the waist down) with batwings. They are very closely related to the Berbalang ghouls of legend. South America: Kanima, a jaguar-shaped spirit that seeks and kills murderers. A Dog Named "Dog": The horse is named Horse, and her rider is named Rider. Bulgaria: Vrkolak is a Bulgarian Werewolf that after death turns into a vampire. Big Bad: The Nowhere King, an ancient, slimy Eldritch Abomination that seeks to conquer/destroy both the human world and Centaurworld. Domed Hometown: The valley Horse arrives in upon entering Centaurworld is covered with a dome that can't be exited without magic. Ethiopia, Morocco and Tanzania: The boudas is a sorcerer/blacksmith that changes into a werehyena. It often wears an ornament from its human form by which it may be recognized. Foil: Wammawink's song "Fragile Things" is meant to drive home the stark difference between hers and Horse's viewpoint on how to run the herd and go through life in general. On one hand, Wammawink sees herself and her friends as "small and fragile", believes they are completely helpless, and insists they stay close so she alone can protect them. On the other hand, we have Horse. By contrast, she is unafraid to face danger, sees potential in the herd to be independent and fearless as herself, and believes they can get through whatever perils lie ahead. Please complete the security check to access www.fanfiction.net. you can see her steal the key back from the Mysterious Woman. Leitmotif: The instrumentals for "Making Frienships—BOATS!" is used to emphasize the herd doing something particularly zany or poorly thought out. Native Hawaiians: There are several shapeshifting legends out of the Hawaiian islands including the famous volcano goddess Pele who could shift into whatever appearance she wanted. There are also several shark-shifter legends. Me's a Crowd: One of the many magic powers the Centaurs share is the ability to summon tiny versions of themselves from their hooves. The clones are fully independent, and prone to having an existential crisis and running away in a panic. Death made a mistake, and now Alice can be whoever she wants. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. The Noseless: Most centaurs aren't drawn with noses (unless they suddenly have them as part of a visual gag) which fits with Centaurworld's cartoony aesthetic, as opposed to Horse and Rider's more detailed world. Centaurs are the natives of Centaurworld, a parallel dimension, and have the bodies of multiple kinds of animals; the first ones introduced have the bodies of various ungulates, but other centaurs have the bodies of every animal in existence, including bird centaurs (which fly by flapping their arms), insect centaurs, and even non-animal centaurs - the vegetation themselves are centaurs as well. In general, no normal wildlife actually exists— every organism in Centaurworld is a centaur. Their humanoid bodies typically include parts of their associated animals, such as zebra ears or giraffe necks. On top of that, they know magic and can use it for silly means. There are also "taurnadoes", tornadoes with funnels arranged like four legs, a body, and a neck. Mexico: nahaul is a werecreature that can turn into a wolf, large cat, eagle or bull. France: loup-garou is prevalent in France with the Beast of Gevaudan being the most famous documented case. Then there is the bisclavret which is a werewolf that cannot return to human form unless it can put its clothing back on. Freudian Excuse: A non-villainous example with the centaurs. When she suspects that Wammawink's herd isn't entirely happy with their same old routine, Horse figures out why they are obnoxiously fun-loving and cartoony. Sure, the may have magic at their convenience, and they get to do fun and wacky things with it all the time. But then Horse catches on: they sing songs and use their magic for crazy shenanigans because it's to make up for how they never leave the valley and therefore, their lives get boring quite easily. Brought from across the pond to God's own country and edited. Found way back 10 years, on a website and introduced into BF. It needed work on it, but includes a lot of piggy technicalities. When I was eighteen I was, like many inner city, single-parent TEENs, a college drop out, and in some trouble. . Dark Reprise: Horse's second version of "Who Is She" is mixing the first and "Hello Rainbow Road" to create a song where. Hypocritical Humor: In "The Key", Ched dismisses the concept of Rider sitting on top of Horse as "stupid". And he says this as he's riding on top of Durpleton's head. Russia (Slavic): Volkolak translates as lycanthrope. This is unusual in that the person can turn into a wolf or bear. Volkolak have been know to change willingly and against their will as a curse. A trio of girls get more than they can handle with a centaur. A centaur makes ruin of three hyper horny girls. Russia: There are two types of distinctive werewolves in Russian Mythology. The first, the wawkalak, is a werewolf who has been transformed as a punishment by the Devil whom they have angered. Recognized by friends and family, the wawkalak are not considered as evil or frightening. Unable to stay in any one place for long, the wawkalak are distended to roam from home to home and town to town searching out food, shelter and love. David and Elizabeth are taken in a raid by futa Amazons..

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