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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. I'm found right next to the front door,. Congrats! I'm sure your event is going to be fabulous and you'll create a lasting memory for those students. Hope you'll brag about it here afterwards. I know I'd love to hear all of the details and what the reaction of the students was. I'm guessing others would too. Rather than just make scavenger hunts for my family to use, I've shared all of our scavenger hunts here with you! It's every type of treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, riddles, and more that you could ever need!. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. On top of me, your clue you will see. And help your phone stay awake with glee. I am by the sink and I make your hands not stink. It can be difficult to decide what to organise for a TEENs' birthday party, as there's so many things to consider. But with a bit of planning, you can create a memorable, personalised scavenger hunt that you and your TEEN will remember for years to come. I may have eyes, but I really can't see. People love to make fries out of me. I'm full of holes but can still hold water. (Sponge) The place where today comes before yesterday. (Dictionary) I run around the backyard, but never move. (Fence) This coat can only be put on when wet. (Paint) I begin and end with the letter "e," and usually only contain one letter. (Envelope) I have a spine, but no bones. (Book) I have keys, but no locks and space, and no rooms. You can enter, but you can't go outside. (Keyboard) I'm tall when I'm young and short when I'm old. (Candle) I'm made of water but will die if you put me in water. (Ice) I have a neck but no head, yet can still wear a cap. (Bottle) My name means "sightless," but if you want to see, all you have to do is open me. (Blinds) I can cause love, but that's not the ideal outcome. I'm always happy to serve. (Tennis racket) A band that doesn't play instruments, but has plenty of style. (Headband). Find Nearby Scavenger Hunts Ghost Hunts Bar Crawls Date Night Packages. But I have curtains if you want to hide. Will This Scavenger Hunt Work For My House/Family?. You can use these clues as a part of online classroom games. Treasure hunt clues for teens. You can draw patterns on me, or even faces. How to do a run-through of your treasure hunt beforehand. How to plan the order the gifts are found in. I never get angry, but I do get hot. I'm the perfect place for a pan or a pot. I keep you dry on a rainy day, don't let me blow away! Umbrella. the clues are attached to each other,the places are notice board,library,canteen,reading room,academic block,badminton court,parking area,stationay,main gate,temple. If you go out of town, I don't need a sitter, just someone to leave me food and change my litter. (Cat) I have a bark, but I'm not a tree. When you ask, "who's a good boy?" the answer is me! (Dog) One of me per day keeps the doctor away. (Apple) You visit me at night to sleep tight. (Bed) Use me once in the morning and once at night, and I'll keep your smile nice and white. (Toothbrush) Which came first? The chicken or me? (Eggs) I let the outside in, and wear nothing but curtains. (Window) Am I half full, or half empty? Either way, I'm not entirely empty– you'll find the next clue in me! (Glass) I'm a shape and an instrument. (Triangle) Which came first? The color or the fruit? (Orange) You can run with the clues, but don't run with me! Rock beats me every time. (Scissors). , indoor scavenger hunt and garden treasures hunt, I've made the clues as accessible and common as possible. The clues lead to places like the tv, drawers, washing machine, bed etc. I tend to stay away from anything too specific so that everyone can use these printables. Do You Have Blank Cards Or Editable Checklists I Can Use?. I keep stuff inside, I'm a good place for pencils to hide. Pencil case. Life Path Number 9: The Path of The Heart Based Warrior. One of the lovely things about having a birthday scavenger hunt is that TEENs get to experience a fun, interactive game as they open their presents. You can make it even more exciting by planning which gifts your TEEN opens first, and having the biggest present as the finale at the end. So, you could start with small gifts like sweets inside a heart sweet tin, and then build up to a personalised soft toy or personalised embroidered princess dressing gown as your last present. I want to give the TEENs a clue of going to gmas house to find the rest of their clues for the tickets. Can you give me something for grandma's house!. Take a look at our Treasure Hunt Clues for around a College. I dry as I get wetter. (Towel) Nothing rhymes with me exactly, and you'd have a pretty hard time making scrambled eggs without my help. (Spatula) The pot called me black. I said "look who's talking?!" Then, I made some tea. (Kettle) I make bones hard and cookies soft. Babies love me. (Milk) Is it cold in here, or is it just me? Leave me open, and things will go sour really fast. (Fridge) I have blades but I'm not a knife. Want to cool down? Give me a whirl. (Fan) I'm handy for making milkshakes, but don't put your hand inside of me! (Blender) I don't mind if you're snotty. If you have an issue, I'm here. (Tissues) My other side is cool, and there's a good chance my cover's covered in drool. (Pillow) I have teeth but no mouth. If a bald man carries me, it's only for memory's sake. (Comb) Seeing double? Check me to spot your doppelganger. (Mirror) I have eyes but cannot see. (Potato) I have hands but cannot clap (Clock). Each of these scavenger hunts has a set of free printable scavenger hunt clues you can use to do your very own scavenger hunt! Just click on the link below to get directly to that scavenger hunt!. I lose my head in the mornings and get it back at nights. What am I? The next clue is hiding under it. .

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