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" Funeral Orations and Sermons. " Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying.. 24 Nov. 2021. I don't know if you ever noticed it or not, but it seemed to me, especially in these last years, that he had a far-away look on his face, as if he was gazing on something beyond you. The glint in his eye almost intimated that he knew a joke on this world, which made its attractions seem ridiculous. It was not that he was unmindful of the human arena, for in his eighty-three years–as soldier, lawyer, farmer, businessman–he saw more of this world than most men. But he understood all too keenly that nothing the world had to offer could satisfy the soul. To him it was indeed "a strange country.". When Anxious and Weary, Be Kind, Be Gentle, Be Loving. "Funeral Orations and Sermons." Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying.. (November 24, 2021). Contributed by D. Greg Ebie on Nov 20, 2004. I read a story in a paper this week of Mark Baylis who through quite amazing circumstances was reunited with his birth mother. Adopted at birth and brought up by wonderful parents, yet there was still the longing to know what had happened, was he really loved. The came the moment of reunion, 30 themed church media sets for church services. about Remembering Our Sacred Teachings and Living Accordingly. This Light and Momentary Marriage (1 of 6). Contributed by Rick Crandall on Dec 23, 2012. A Nashville newspaper carried a story of Mrs. Lilia Craig who hasn't missed attending church in 1,040 Sundays (20 years) although she is in her eighties. There are many questions raised: Doesn't it ever rain or snow in her town on Sunday? Doesn't she ever have an unexpected company? Doesn't she. And this really is our destiny. This is the destiny that He has given to us. That's extraordinary. When we want to share our love with someone, we want to be with that person; we want perfect communion, communication. This is what the Lord prays will be given to us. Turning from its hollow allurements, he sought neither the world's comfort nor its fame. He found delight in obscurity, living a simple life at home. Anyone who ever visited him there would see how much he loved the commonplace, the quiet beauty of nature, the peace of solitude. Though not generally seen by the outsider, there was a deep, unassuming kindness about his nature, especially empathizing with the lowly and weak. One of the last things he did the night before he died was to go out on the back porch and make a little bed for a stray cat that had no place to sleep. One example could be, what about the godly woman who dies in the Lord, but whose husband would never make Jesus his Lord? Or what about the godly parents who die in the Lord, but whose TEENren lived lives of rebellion against the Lord? How can the concept of recognition be a source of comfort for them? If recognition exists in the afterlife, how would this not be an eternal reminder and source of sorrow for those who have loved ones who were not granted access to heaven?. There is always something to do at TAC— something worthwhile, something fulfilling, and something geared toward ever-greater spiritual and intellectual growth. Dad came to this kind of perspective. Along life's way he heard that still small voice of the Lord. As he understood the call, he went out, not knowing clearly what to expect–sometimes missing a milepost, sometimes falling down–but always looking for "that city which hath foundations, those builder and maker is God.". Sandia Baptist Church Celebration Ministry Staffing Albuquerque, New Mexico. G. Campbell Mogran had four sons, and all became ministers of the Gospel. At a family reunion, he was asked, "Which of the four Mograns was the greatest preacher? The father looked at each of his four sons in. Knowing what was central in her life, I could understand why she liked to sing those words. Jesus was indeed the source of her strength. In these last hours, however, I have come to realize in a deeper way why the anticipation of resting in the presence of Christ was so reassuring, for faith now has turned to sight, and Mom can see her Savior face to face. Dad was thinking of that experience of Abraham when "he was called to go out unto a place which he should after receive for an inheritance." And in obedience, we are told, "he went out, not knowing whither he went" (Hebrews 11:8). Sermons on Family Sermons on Funerals Sermons on Marriage. Dr. R. G. Lee's Mother Told Of Happiest Day And Gave Taste Of Heaven. Jesus the very thought of Thee With sweetness fills My breast; But sweeter far Thy face to see, And in Thy presence rest. Contributed by Sermon Central on Apr 12, 2007. "By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country"–moving from place to place–never with his TEENren, "the heirs with him of the same promise" (Hebrews 11:9). There was no discontent with the arrangement. In fact, he found happiness in it, and his family prospered. But through it all, he fully realized that this world was not his permanent home. "For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God" (Hebrews 11:10). One day Dad asked if he could go over to Lexington and visit the University of Kentucky. He wanted to see his old Alma Mater, and also to see an Annual of the year he graduated in 1916. So we went and walked the campus. So many changes have taken place in the last fifty years that he could scarcely recognize any of the buildings. Then we went up to the top of the high tower building where we could get a panoramic view of the whole city. I remember Dad again looking perplexed. He spotted a few old landmarks, but most of the buildings which he once knew had been torn down–and the new city seemed to him like "a strange country.". religion Stephen W. Angell Genevieve Slomski The first Africans who arrived on North American shores brought their own religious worldviews with them. . Pinterest is no longer supported on this browser (IEMobile 9) Please download a modern browser:. In this Mass, in which we commemorate the life and the death of Thomas Dillon— an extraordinary man— we are reminded of the fact that he, who was a firm believer, is one who is sharing in the glory of Christ, whether this be the full glory in Heaven, or whether he is still waiting in Purgatory. If the latter is the case, we pray that he will be released soon. But we pray nevertheless, in thanksgiving to Almighty God at this time when we mourn Dr. Dillon's passing, that he is with the Lord, that Jesus' prayer for him is being answered by the Father. Nothing speaks more to the versatility of the College's academic program than the good that our alumni are doing throughout the Church and the world. The intellectual tradition and moral teachings of the Catholic Church infuse the whole life of Thomas Aquinas College, illuminating the curriculum and the community alike. The Rev. Matthew Ichihashi Potts, PH.D., Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church, gives his sermon at the pulpit of the Memorial Church Sancturary. Photo by Jeffrey Blackwell/ Memorial Church Communications. Craddock made 'our hearts more hospitable, our imaginations more free'. Big Red gets big win in home opener. Lakeview Memorial Funeral. The Score of the School Hymn is provided for all you clever people who can make sense of crotchets and quavers. Names of pupils losing life in WWI and WWII. Biden, Putin square off for 2 hours as Ukraine tensions mount. – Christ United Methodist Church, East Springfield: "The Advent of Hope.". 2009 Obituary: Keith McEwan, Headmaster 1964 to 1971. leaves to cherish his memories: a loving wife, Leaster Rounds; one son, Roosevelt Rounds, III (Tamara) of Florida; three step daughters, Claudia Scott (Harvey), Jackie Dorsey (Shawn) and Delishia Scott (Jeff) of Vicksburg, Mississippi; one stepson, Antonio Peoples (Krystal) of Illinois; two sisters, Bobby Rounds (Dennis) of Vicksburg, Mississippi and Betty Harris (Roosevelt) of Arkansas; one aunt, Lucinda Williams of Vicksburg, Mississippi; one uncle, Dan Harris of Vicksburg, Mississippi; eight grandTEENren, Diara (A'laysia), Shawn Dorsey, Jr., Antonio Peoples, Jeffery Scott, Jr., Shamar Dorsey, Aleah Peoples, Javid Scott and Nicholas Peoples; and a host of other relatives and friends including Alberta East and Telisa Morris Brown, Gail, Porter Wilson and special friend, Lei. Christine (Sunsburg) Fairclough puts pen to paper, again, for us. A Very Historical Group, "60 Years On" they titled the photo. Many kind people are trying to add names to the photographs. To do so requires you to be able to report which NUMBER corresponds to the person you're naming. That isn't always easy, especially for old eyes. I have made a short "guide" that will train you, and gives you a couple of little exercises. Try it -- it's fun. 2012 Reunion. This group attended the school between about 1969 and 1974. Thanks to Niven Howlett who provided the photograph and added all the names. was born on January 1, 1979 in Vicksburg, Mississippi to Virgie Lyles Kline and Mr. Johnny Kline, Sr. of Vicksburg, Mississippi. DeeAnna received Christ at an early age and was a former member of Lake One Missionary Baptist Church of Tallulah, Louisiana. – Wintersville Church of Christ: "Doing Good to All.". – Follansbee First Church of the Nazarene: "Sharing the Hope of Jesus.". I'm interested in (please check all that apply). married Frank E. Marley, Sr. They were blessed with one loving daughter, Stephanie Ann Marley. Betty and Frank spent forty years together before Frank was called home to be with the Lord. If you have access to any materials appropriate for inclusion, especially ones not known on the present list, and that you are willing to share, please contact me at. Cedar Hill Cemetery/326 Lovers Lane, Vicksburg, MS. _____________________________________________________________________________. Mrs. Betty J. Marley Arrangements are as follows: Visitation: 1939. Membership Booklet of the Old Essians' Association. – Wintersville Church of Christ: "Treasures in Clay Jars.". People passing 11+ in 1950 -- passport to EGS. RECENT CHANGES (2 November 2021); A moment of sadness, to report the passing of Alan Dyer, at EGS 1947-51, who became a distinguished scientist and leader in national-level Lacrosse. Alan organized many reunions of old pupils, and my memorable lunch with him at the Bluebell was the start of this web page. A summary of Alan's life is added to "Stories of Former Pupils.". Clicking on the opening line will go to a source with more information. worked at her daughter's daycare, Little People's Learning Center for 27 years as the cook providing nutritious meals and lots of love and affection. After the passing of her daughter in 2003, she retired and enjoyed staying home with her husband until his demise in 2011. She enjoyed outings, cooking, and just sitting around listening to her favorite song, "Misty Blue" and caring for her two great grandTEENren E.J. and Alex. 1998 Reunion. (It was held Sept 12, 1998.) This group attended the school in the 1950's and 1960's, apparently, The photos are unfortunately quite blurry. Can anyone provide better copies, and identify some of the people? Lakeview Memorial Funeral Home/2102 Clay Street, Vicksburg, MS. Lakeview Memorial Funeral Home/2102 Clay Street, Vicksburg, MS. Kelly's clutch shot lifts Riders in dramatic fashion. The 1970 photo, from Lynne (Garner) Wilkinson, has names of a number of the pupils and teachers on it. All photo versions have names and numbers, the numbers helping you to pin names to faces, of course. If anyone has other photos, or can provide names, please make them available. Accompanying the link to each photo is the date that it was last updated..

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